Cork has been used by the flooring industry since the turn of the century.  Like all products, technology has advanced giving you more durability along with modern patterns and colors for today's homes.


*DURABLE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN - APC Cork Floors come with three coats of a durable UV cured acrylic matte and/or gloss finish.  

*COMFORTABLE - Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot as it gives under compression.  Cork bounces back naturally so recovery marks left by furniture will leave a minimal indentation.

*FIRE RESISTANT - Cork is a fire inhibitor, not spreading the flame.  Cork also does not release any toxic gases on combustion.

*THERMALLY AND ACOUSTICALLY INSULATED - The presence in cork of over 100 million air cells per cubic inch and the prism shape of that cellular structure incapacitate the effects of temperature and sound.  Cork floors reduce impact noise, a great asset for applications such as multi level housing, office spaces, museums and places of worship.

*ANTIMICROBIAL AND INSECT REPELLENT - Even termites are unwelcome.  Suberin, the inherent substance of cork is a natural insect repellent.  Cork is also antimicrobial and fights the development of mildew.  What a perfect indoor crawling ground for children!  If you suffer from allergies and like the warm feeling of a carpeted room, this is definitely your best alternative.



What would your home look like if you had no limits?  If the hottest interior trends were entirely affordable....If the most sophisticated designs were tough enough to withstand your lifestyle...If you could fall in love with your floor with no worries and no regrets....

Laminate flooring offers great looks at affordable prices.  It's durable for kids and pets...relax with laminate flooring you won't have to worry.  Laminate is versatile too - it can be installed in any room in your home, where ever you want the beauty of hardwood, stone, or tile without the cost and maintenance.

Armstrong, Alloc and Faus Laminates are a few of the laminate that we sell.  Their high performance flooring is designed to maintain a well balanced stable floor.  All are easy to maintain and install.

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